When I was a newcomer to the restaurant, I went through the assimilation. Organizational assimilation is when a newcomer gets integrated into an organization. There are three phases of the assimilation process: anticipatory socialization, organizational encounter and metamorphosis.

(An Introduction to Organizational Communication n.d)

The first stage of the assimilation process is the anticipatory or per-arrival stage. There are two different types of anticipatory socialization; vocational anticipatory socialization and organizational anticipatory socialization. I would consider that I did the opposite of what most people do.

Having eaten there many times, I unintentionally gathered information before joining the restaurant crew which…

Have you ever felt that you are just a part of a bigger picture at work, or an unimportant piece to the puzzle? You think your boss could care less if you quit a job that you have worked for five or ten years? These feelings come from the classical theory’s beliefs of organizational communication.

Image: LUNAMARINA, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Organizational communication is a continuous multiplex process to create, change and maintain the organization (Modaff et al., 2017). Organizational communication consists of several theories. Theories are ideas that are related to describe, predict and/or explain but do not work every single time.

Classical theory came…

One of the web design requirements for the college class was to create a portfolio website. The class needed to create a website to sell themselves in the job market. To help complete the class assignment, the class was required to complete the certifications for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Codeacademy.

Photo Credit: Christopher McKay

Kalee Black is completing this class in her final year at Missouri Western State University. Black’s website was published and is ready for the website to continue to evolve as she does in her career in strategic communication. …

Technology is starting to consume everyone’s lives if it has not already. For instance, can anyone think of someone that does not have a smartphone or has a social media account?

Credited: Earth.com News

It was probably difficult to think of very many. With that being said, many individuals have access to a variety of information including news. Below, in the graph, the data shows that Americans rely on social media to get news from Pew Research.

Introduction of blogs

The internet is filled with variety information whether it is news, books or blogs. Blogs uniqueness comes from design, identity and advertisement. Perez Hilton, Nomadic Matt and Timothy Sykes have different varieties of blogs, but are similar in the way the blog webpage is part of a website.

Design of blogs

The designs of the websites are different. Nomadic Matt and Timothy Sykes’ websites are simpler, easy to navigate and more trustworthy compared to Perez Hilton based on color choice.

The information was easy to read on all sites but Nomadic Matt and Timothy Sykes have the…

As soon as I walked onto downtown Saint Joseph, I noticed it’s cute atmosphere for local businesses in a historical building.

One of the cute looking shops is Eclipz Gourmet Popcorn and Ice Cream. This store is located on Felix Street across from the Coleman Hawkins Park/Felix Street Square.

As soon as I walked on the entrance after opening the door, I could feel the happy, lighthearted spirit with the fresh smell of popcorn. Once I walked in, an employee greeted me with a smile. The whole store is decorated for Christmas. …

You can help your routine shine with this top ten list. Many of the moves have multiple names; so therefore, you might have learned the move under a different name.

10. Windmill

The Windmill made number 10 on the list. This is one of the more simple moves in this list, but it is elegant when done properly. With this move, the majority of the time your right hand is on the pole while your left hand is on your side. …

By: Kalee Black

There are many things that are trending on social media. What is trending changes constantly and range from social challenges, activities or experiences and pictures of animals doing cute or strange things. Do you know what is trending on social media?

What is trending on social media is always changing. For some jobs, it is important to know what is current on social media to help someone perform their job or help their company become successful.

But how do you know what is current or trending. There is not a big flashing light or notice on a…

The Center for Student Involvement is getting the snack table set up. The smoothies in the coconut cup were a hit.

Students fill their plate with food during the Black Heritage Dinner. The Black Heritage Dinner was formerly known as the Black Heritage Ball

Kalee Black

Kalee Black is finishing her Strategic Communication Degree. She enjoys creating social media content and creaking news packages.

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